Below is a list of links to the resources that I’ve written about / think are particularly great! Most of these resources are taken originally from my colleagues at Highgate School, though they may have been adapted significantly. You can find all of my lesson plans and resources (about 3000 files!) here: Key stage 3+4. Key Stage 5.

Key Stage 3+4

Equations as balances – NotesResource
Pythagoras – NotesResource
Trigonometry – NotesResource
Expanding / Factorising two brackets – Resource
Circle Theorem “Angle at the centre = 2 x angle at the circumference” – NotesResource
Set Theory – Resource

Key Stage 5

Differentiation from First Principles – NotesResource
Introduction to Integration – Resource
Transformations of Graphs – Resource 1Resource 2
Functions – Resource
Vector lines and planes in 3 dimensions – NotesResource