Freddy: “Mr Pearce, we found your blog.”

Me: “Yes?”

Freddy: “It’s all about teaching.”

Me: “What did you expect?”

Freddy: “Some mathematical nuggets?”

Me: “I’m a teacher, not an entertainer.”

OK, so I’m still quite happy with my last line, just because I like the ring of any line of the form “I’m not a …”, which I stole from a friend Sam Bartlett who employs it comedically better than I ever could. But I was being rash – a teacher is, to some extent, an entertainer.

I clarified by saying that I think there is rather a glut of mathematical nuggets out there and so I’m looking to provide something different.  However, I do like nuggets, so I’ll allow myself one (and only one) blog post to share some of my favourites:

The Movie Maths Quiz


Don’t work hard…


The Venn Diagram of Bollocks


George Ford on Countdown

Report Cards for Mathematicians


The Three-Switches Problem


An interesting problem

Causes of Death



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